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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Can Social Media Give the Gift of Life?

This is a repost from Beth’s Blog.  I read Beth’s Blog everyday and learn something new about the world of digital media. Today she has a guest post by Taryn Degnan the Manager of Social Media and Online Community at Common Sense Media.  You can find her on Twitter @TarynIdana

facebook page organ donation (1)

Social Media is Saving Lives. How’s That for ROI? by Taryn Degnan

  • Pasadena mom uses social media to find organ donor for daughter.
  • Kwirti Dwivedi finds a kidney for ailing mom via social media.
  • Facebook Organ Donor Initiative Prompts 100,000 Users To Select New Option.

Friends, those news headlines are real, and it means that something wild and crazy is happening online. Perfect strangers are connecting through social media to give and receive life every day. Read the rest of the post here

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