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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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State of You

I was so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the State of Now conference last Tuesday, June 18th, at the 92nd Street Y, hosted by Jeff Pulver, who markets himself as a “dreamer, entrepreneur, and Early-Stage investor”.

The conference invited various speakers to talk about the effect of social media on health and wellness. The speakers were all inspirational and made me really contemplate the power of social media, and how we can take advantage of it in todays modern society to advance our well being.

One particular speaker that resonated with me was Andia Winslow, who presented her short film, “The Fit Cycle: Get It In Where You Can Fit It In”.

The film followed Andia on her daily routine of leaving her home, taking the subway, and even doing mundane tasks such as her laundry. However, Andia took advantage of her environment and used  her stairs, the subway handles, and her laundry basket as exercise tools. It was really inspiring to watch her because often in a college students day there is rarely time to make it to the gym, but Andia shows that is not a valid excuse to not work out. She proves that there are ways in which one can incorporate exercise into their daily routine. Check out one of her most popular videos.

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