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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
HomeHealthWhy Is U.S. Health Care Insurance So Expensive?

Why Is U.S. Health Care Insurance So Expensive?

Intro written by Sandra Mills, a freelance healthcare writer.  Sandra has written numerous articles on new medical technology and health improvement tips. This is infographic is a  repost from Carrington College , part of the DeVry Education Family.

The U.S. health care system is one of the most expensive and costly in the world. People paid an average of $8400 per person last year for medical care. This is an incredible amount of money for healthcare when compared to other systems around the world. The rising costs only seem to be getting bigger. In fact, the chart below shows that employer contributions have doubled since 2002. Advancements in medical technology is the biggest reason why medical expenses are so high. The cost of expensive new equipment is transferred over to the patient’s bill.

Costs are rising for the elderly and it is suspected that baby boomers will pay more than $1000 for their medical care than people of a younger generation. This is because more staff and attention will need to be on hand at hospitals as baby boomers get older. The cycle continues to grow as the U.S. people pay upwards of over a trillion dollars into health care each year. Will the cycle ever stop? Check out the graph below for more information.


Via Carrington College’s Medical Program

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