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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Equity & Access to Healthcare

Tonight on Healthstyles at 11 PM at 99.5 FM and streamed live at hear co-host Barbara Glickstein interviews Michel D. Kazatchkine MD.  She conducted this interview, which will be aired for the  first time tonight, at the International Congress of Nurses in Melbourne, Australia this past May. The  title of his talk was “Equity and Access to Healthcare.”

Dr. Kazatchkine discusses the inequitable burden of infectious disease globally being concentrated in developing countries where 90% of infections, mainly HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria, kill up to 4 million people a year.

“Health should no longer be expected as an outcome of development, but rather as a necessary priority investment for development and economic growth.”

The growing global health market of goods and services has coincided with a lessening of the global public good in caring for the poor. Profit is becoming more important.

Dr. Kazatchkine speaks about how fighting disease is a powerful vehicle for social justice, human rights, and innovation.

So tune in tonight at 11:00PM on WBAI (99.5 FM, or listen to it here



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