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Sunday, November 19, 2017
HomeHealthNurses educate folks to go #getcovered. You can too.

Nurses educate folks to go #getcovered. You can too.

healthcare_logo officially goes live today which means the health insurance marketplace is open. How are you helping others in your community to learn about the exchanges? Send us your stories. We’ll post them here on HealthCetera.  Email us at

Today we’ll report on  two nurse leaders Adriana Perez with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses and Angela Allen with the National Black Nurses Association who are out in their communities explaining the different options under ACA and the importance of signing up to those who may have never had health insurance before.  Watch the NBC News coverage on these two nurses here. 

Let’s motivate each other to get the word out.  Go and sit with a neighbor or friend to help demystify the application process on signing up in the insurance marketplace ( also called the insurance exchanges). We must rise about the political noise to help folks get health insurance.  The ACA is the law.

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