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Saturday, November 18, 2017
HomeHealthHealth in All Policies – a standard we can live by.

Health in All Policies – a standard we can live by.

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Yesterday was another must-follow-news-all-day kinda day.

In between unavoidable distractions (work responsibilities) my attention was focused on the impacts of the government shut down and the news about the Affordable Care Act’s most important provisions — the role out of the state exchanges. October 1st was the opening of the state health insurance market place establishing more affordable options to purchase health insurance to the American people.

I kept checking in on my Facebook and Twitter accounts clicking on links to news stories and blogs reporting on the impact of the government shutdown on federal workers placed on furlough, how NIH clinical trials were halted benefiting adults and children undergoing treatment for cancer, and how this shutdown impacts women and children.

As the day moved into the late afternoon and my level of frustration and anger rose, this status update appeared on my Facebook home page posted by the American Public Health Association. Here’s a screenshot of it.

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 7.10.33 AM

Public Health.   The well-being of all people depends on our diligence and commitment to shaping policies that impact individuals, families and communities.  The Affordable Care Act does this in many ways. We have more to do. This guide can take us further.

Find out how to get a copy of this guide here. 

Barbara Glickstein is co-director of CHMP. She’s a public health nurse.

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