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Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Taking Postpartum Mood Disorders Seriously

This is a repost from The American Journal of Nursing’s blog, Off The Charts. It was originally posted on October 9, 2013. Taking Postpartum Mood Disorders Seriously, is written by Jacob Molyneux, AJN Senior Editor. Follow them on Twitter @AMJNurs 

Durer, Melancolia/Wikimedia Commons

Last week, you probably heard that a 34-year-old mother was shot and killed by police after a car chase that ended with her trying to ram her car through White House barriers, her infant child still strapped in a car seat in the back.

Miriam Carey’s mother told reporters that her daughter was suffering from postpartum depression, though a number of commentators have pointed out that the extremity of her apparent delusions and the violence of her behavior suggest the more severe condition called postpartum psychosis (especially if it turns out that her condition was not chronic but instead began after she’d given birth). (continue reading here).


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