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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Fierce for Black Women & Sero Project on Healthstyles

This Thursday, July 10,  tune into CHMP’s Healthstyles when co-host Barbara Glickstein interviews  Yanick Rice Lamb, co-founder with Sheree Crute of a new media platform launched in November for Black Women. Ms. Crute chairs CHMP’s National Advisory Committee (NAC) and Ms. Rice Lamb is a member of the NAC.  Ms. Rice Lamb talks about the wide-range of issues covered on FierceforBlackWomen including the launch of Living Well: Fierce Reports on Black Women’s Health with the series Fighting Fibroids and Winning: Raise Your Voice by Sheree Crute.  Follow them on Twitter @Fierceforbw @shereecrute @yrlamb

Tune in Thursday, July 10th to 99.5 FM or streamed live at or listen to the interview here.


Also on this week’s Healthstyles Glickstein interviews Robert Suttle, Assisant Director at Sero Project. “Sero is a network of people with HIV and allies fighting for freedom from stigma and injustice. Sero is particularly focused on ending inappropriate criminal prosecutions of people with HIV for non-disclosure of their HIV status, potential or perceived HIV exposure or HIV transmission.” Mr. Suttle shares his personal experience imprisoned in a Louisiana prison in January, 2011, after accepting a plea bargain and serving six months for a conviction under Louisiana’s so-called “Intentional Exposure to AIDS Virus” statute.  There is an excellent inter-active map on the Sero home page so you can see the current status of these laws in the state you live in. Follow the Sero Project on Twitter @theseroproject

You can hear that interview here R SuttleSeroProject


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<p>Barbara Glickstein is a co-director of the GW Nursing Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement, as well as a nurse, media guru and activist in New York City. She is the chairman of the board of Project Kesher and a consultant to many health care organizations and creative projects. She tweets and ‘grams @blickstein.</p>

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