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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Integrative Approaches to Pain Management


HealthCetera host Barbara Glickstein interviews Johanna L. Gaskins, DNP RN, CCAP, on the use of integrative approaches to pain management using aromatherapy and other evidence-based therapies. Dr Gaskins recently completed the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree focusing on Integrative Health and Healing (IHH) from the University of Minnesota and is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner. She explains the plant biology of essential oils, their use in managing pain, and how she integrates aromatherapy and other evidence-based practices (EBP) in academic, professional and community-based settings.

This interview will be broadcast on HealthCetera, Thursday, April 28 at 1 PM on WBAI 99.5 FM and streamed at

You can listen to the interview here on our iTunes channel.

Dr. Gaskins shared this video, Understanding Pain What to do about it in less than five minutes. It provides the science that explains how the integrative approaches Dr. Gaskins discusses can be effective in managing both acute and chronic/persistent pain.

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Barbara Glickstein is a co-director of the GW Nursing Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement, as well as a nurse, media guru and activist in New York City. She is the chairman of the board of Project Kesher and a consultant to many health care organizations and creative projects. She tweets and 'grams @blickstein.

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  • My name is Katherine Barbera I have advanced breast cancer and I would like a phone consolation with Dr Johanna Gaskins. I am in great need of her help. Please respond as soon as possible Thank you

    • Regrets for the delay. Dr. Johanna Gaskins can be reached by email at