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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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The NYS Health Foundation and Building Health Communities




As our nation realizes that we need to move resources from costly acute care to efforts that can promote the health of individuals, families and communities, foundation are increasingly integrating into their funding portfolios a focus on building healthy communities. One such foundation is the New York State Health Foundation. The Foundation has two primary strategies to do this work. One is to support “neighborhood-level and policy interventions to increase residents’ access to healthy, affordable food options; opportunities for physical activity; and other initiatives that encourage healthy living.” Launched in January of 2015, its Healthy Neighborhood Fund Initiative initially invested in six communities, including three in New York City. These communities are developing partnerships with various organizations, government and private entities to engage in the longterm work that is required to build healthier places to live, work and play.


On Thursday, August 25th, HealthCetera Producer Diana Mason, PhD, RN, interviews Lourdes Rodriquez, Program Officer who heads the Foundation’s Building Healthy Communities work. They discuss the Foundation’s aims, strategies and progress to date in these six communities. So tune into HealthCetera at 1:30PM on Thursday, August 25th for the second half of HealthCetera on WBAI, 99.5 FM in New York City or streaming at Or you can listen to the interview anytime by clicking here:


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<p>Diana is a co-director of the GW Nursing Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement and founder of HealthCetera. She was previously president of the American Academy of Nursing. She is senior policy professor at George Washington University and the Rudin Professor of Nursing at Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing. She is a health policy expert and leader. Diana tweets @djmasonrn.</p>

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