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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Our Submission Policy

HealthCetera exists to get people talking about health. We recognize that diversity is a vital ingredient in all dynamic conversations, so we feature writers from all walks and stages of life, careers and writing abilities. We’d love for you to talk along with us, and accept submissions that follow our simple call.

HealthCetera asks for blog posts that are 750 words or less, focused on our mission of creating a conversation about health, through the lens of media and policy. Narratives about practice are always welcome, but should always include a viewpoint, or take away. All submissions must include appropriate hyperlink sourcing and an author bio that is less than 200 words, along with desired social media contact links.

We revise together with writers at HealthCetera, so that we can ensure high-level content, but also to encourage submissions from people with all kinds of writing skill levels, too. In our minds, we’re most interested in what you have to say; we can work together on towards perfecting on how.

We hope to hear from you soon. Contact the editorial team with any comments, questions or queries below.