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Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Mr. Martin Dornbaum M.S. is the Founding Director of the Health Professions Education Center (HPEC) at Hunter College.  Since its inception in 1988, the HPEC has met the educational needs of students at different instructional levels and operates as a comprehensive learning center using new media, computer programs, and audiovisuals as a primary teaching strategy.  As a technology integration specialist, Martin collaborates with faculty on their pedagogical use of IT and the improvement of learning outcomes of future health care professionals. His areas of interest include:  media-use in education, Nursing and Medical Informatics, On-line Clinical Tracking Tools, Electronic Medical Records, Bedside Computing, the use of high-fidelity patient simulators for teaching clinical and diagnostic competencies and decision making skills, Telemedicine, Translational Research, E-learning tools, Computer Assisted Instructional Software, Tablet and GRID Computing.

This is not about me clarifying anything. It’s about me getting confused. Maybe you can supply the insights.  I’ll supply the confusion.

Tonight I was watching a baseball game. The New York Yankees played The Tampa Bay Rays in a crucial late season game. The game was a disaster for the Yanks. But the real action was in the first inning, when what I have come to call a CHMP alarm went off.

Funny about these CHMP alerts.  They seem to go off more frequently in media settings that are not specifically health related.   Explicit and implicit messages about disease and illness are pervasive. Sometimes they come in the form of an intentional message and sometimes they are embodied in a person you confront on the street whose appearance catches your attention. All sorts of institutions and individuals completely outside the realm of health care are often in the position of providing health-related information. You just never know when the alarm will sound and you will be confronted with a CHMP-worthy insight.